KDDI to invest in Monohm to delelop IoT devices such as Runcible powered by Firefox OS


Japanese Telco giant KDDI announced today that it has invested in Monohm, Inc, a US company, is a provider of innovative IoT devices based on Firefox OS, looking beyond the smartphone era.Partnering with Mozilla Foundation, Monohm is incorporating leading features of Firefox OS such as high performance, and lean power consumption.

Monohm is planning to release its first product “Runcible”. Runcible has a unique round form and is a new type of device that is not just a mobile device or a wearable device. There will be a presentation the concept of Runcible at the Mozilla’s booth in the “Fox Den” at the Mobile World Congress 2015. Monohm and KDDI will collaborate to realize the concept of WoT (Web Of Things) where devices connected through the Web, with Firefox OS based on Open Web standards, without additional software or apps.



So is you are going to visit the MWC 2015, make sure you stopped by the Fox Den to check out this device. Do let us know your thoughts about Runcible. For more news and review of Firefox OS follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

via KDDI

Firefox OS App Review: Mozzle


So I was going to review a paid app today for a change, but my credit card has been blocked because apparently buying several train tickets in a single day is now considered fraudulent activity. So instead, you get this. Mozzle is a puzzle game, but how puzzle-y is it? (And is it puzzle-y enough to keep me occupied while I wait for my card to be unblocked?)


Price: Free
Developer: Md. Anisur Rahman
Rating: 4/5

Geeksphone Revolution gets Firefox OS 2.0 update – Full details


Last week the Spanish company Geeksphone, known for working with Firefox OS since its inception, announced the availability of Firefox OS v2.0 for their multi-OS smartphone: the Geeksphone Revolution. In 2013 Geeksphone announced the Multi-Boot OS Smartphone Geeksphone Revolution after cancelling their Geeksphone Peak+ due to battery issue.

Geeksphone-Revolution-1 copy

Geeksphone-Revolution-1 copy

The announcement came from their official Twitter handle on Feb 16th.

The link on their tweet will take you to their forum page where the explain more details about the ‘Geeksphone Revolution FFOS V2.0 build guide’.



If you have Geeksphone Revolution and you’re itching to gets the latest Firefox OS v2.0 on your device, you can download the image from Geeksphone website by clicking here.

Do let us know if any help you need from us. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more news and review about Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

Firefox OS App Review: Movies Search



Price: Free
Developer: Islet Developers
Rating: 2/5

Movies are very popular, and have been since they began over 100 years ago. These days they’re growing bigger and better, and there are more and more movies being made all the time. So much so, in fact, that you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Movies Search offers to help you find information about literally any movie ever made, so how does it fare?

Firefox OS App Review: 0hh1



Price: Free
Developer: Q42
Rating: 4.5/5

There is a logic game known as “Takuzu”, or “Binairo”, which is distributed in French magazines, where the objective is to fill up a grid with two numbers – 0 and 1 – according to strict rules. It’s basically a simpler version of Sudoku, and now there’s a Firefox OS app for it. 0hh1 has been around on the web for a while now, so how did the transition to mobile go?

Matchstick launch delays to upgrade its hardware, including DRM and more


Remember the name of Matchstick? If not, Matchstick is the first the first HDMI stick based on Firefox OS, is the best way to experience your favorite movies, music, and games on your HDTV. They were supposed to lunch the device later this month, but early last week on their page they announced that the launch is delayed till August 2015 if not further.

Well! They have clear justification of they delay, in a press release on their Kick Starter page they have said they are delaying the release in order to not only upgrade the hardware (to a quad-core processor and better WiFi), but to add support for anti-piracy protection. As the team explains, Netflix and other “premium” services won’t work unless you have some kind of digital rights management (DRM) — it’s hard to sell a media stick that can’t deliver the most popular content.



Matchstick is planning to replace Dual Core Rocketchip with a Quad Core one for better performance. Though who have already paid for the device on Kickstarter page may feel some disappointment from this news, but it’s for the betterment.

Here is what Team Matchstick has to say:

Hello Matchstick Fans!

We’ll cut to the chase; Matchstick is not going to ship in February. 

It’s been a very busy couple of months and we’ve had to make some hard decisions about how to move forward. We’ve decided to release the product when it is ready, and anticipate that to be in August 2015. Let us explain more. 

Matchstick is, at its core, a group effort to bring a solid, open, and affordable alternative to the world of video streaming. Manufacturing is hard, but the totality of what makes a product experience complete includes so much more. That collaborative effort includes the hardware, the software, the content providers, and of course, the independent developers that will build on the Matchstick platform. 

Hardware: We want to update the hardware. We’ve been looking at a number of exciting applications and potential experiences for Matchstick and we’ve determined we need to give it as much power as possible. So we’ve been looking to increase the CPU power from a dual core to a quad core chip. We’ve also been looking into common issues with Wi-Fi performance. Because of the location of most HMDI ports on HDTVs, many similar products have Wi-Fi connectivity issues. We’ve spent some considerable time reviewing ways to improve the antenna to ensure a consistent connection that some of the applications will require. We’ll keep you posted of course on the newest stats and specifics! Finally, we are eating the cost to improve the hardware, and passing along the benefits of improved hardware to our backers. It’s a cost we are willingly paying for the promise of a better product. 

Software: With a new processor, we have some new opportunities. Matchstick, with Firefox OS inside, is being updated to support DRM (Digital Rights Management) capability. As you know, many premium content providers such as Netflix require DRM support. Matchstick has undertaken the mission to develop DRM as an independent project with the open source community. In fact, we’d love for you to get involved! If you’re a developer specializing in EME, MSE, and CDM technologies, we’d love to hear from you. We plan to use the Microsoft PlayReady technology and are excited to bring premium content to Matchstick. We’ll keep you updated as we work to contribute newly developed source codes for DRM back to the open community. It’s our goal to make sure open source technology doesn’t mean 2nd tier content and experiences! 

Content Providers: We are continually in talks with all the content you will want to experience on your Matchstick. DRM is a barrier and has become our primary focus, and as we work to nail that down we continue to explore new opportunities to upgrade the entire Matchstick experience. We have been looking at some very exciting possibilities! We can’t wait to show you in the coming months. 

Independent developers: We’ve seen some incredible possible use cases for Matchstick and want to make sure the developer community’s creativity is not hindered by hardware or software limitations. We feel strongly about supporting developers with something much more than a hacked Chromecast type device. The updates to Matchstick will ensure that. 

We’ve learned a lot about Matchstick since last fall. Most importantly, we learned that we had struck a nerve with consumers and brands alike. So we’ve been working to make sure we build a community not just a product. We’ve been arranging partnerships, hiring team members, and taking steps to ensure Matchstick is more than just a one off product and will be announcing more partnerships, hires, and even some further funding in the coming months. 

So there it is! We hope you agree it’s better to make a small sacrifice now for a bigger gain later. Our goal is to bring a whole new way of interacting with the screens around you with an easy to use, powerful, and customizable platform. We have big ambitions, but with your help, we are certain we can get there. Thanks for all of your support! 

- The Matchstick Team

Let us know what is you feelings about this delay. Also whether you have paid for this or not?

For more information: Connect with is on Facebook and Twitter.


ZTE Open to receive Firefox OS 1.3 Update via OTA


Good news finally arrived for hundreds of thousands of early Firefox OS users as Movistar (Telefónica) is all set to push Firefox OS 1.3 update to ZTE Open via OTA. On their official Movistar forum one of the member JuanL confirmed the news. After launched in way back May 2013, all the existing users were demanding an update so that they can taste the new User Interface (UI) and it’s features. definitely this will please them.

ZTE Open Firefox OS v1.3 Update

ZTE Open Firefox OS v1.3 Update

The actual message he posted is:

30-01-2015 9:32

Hola a tod@s,

Nos comunican que la actualización del ZTE Open a la versión 1.3 de Firefox OS ha obtenido la aceptación técnica por parte de nuestro departamento de terminales.

Está previsto que esta actualización esté disponible para su descarga, vía FOTA, a partir de la próxima semana.

Un saludo.

For the non Spanish Speaking readers, here is the English translation of the message:

30/1/2015 9:32

Hola a tod @ s,

We report that the ZTE Open upgrade to version 1.3 of Firefox OS has obtained the technical acceptance by our department terminals.

It is envisaged that this update is available for download via FOTA, starting next week.

A greeting.

So if you have ZTE Open (First Generation) without any alteration to the original setup, you can go to the device settings > Device Information > Software Updates > Click Check for Updates. If the update is available, it will shows up in your notification panel.

NOTE: It may take few extra days, may be weeks to cross the Atlantic, so stay with us if you aren’t see any update notification on your ZTE Open.

For more information: Connect with is on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Movistar

Firefox OS App Review: Truecaller


truecallerappreview1 Price: Free

Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB

Rating: 3/5

Do you remember when phone books were a thing? Those massive books with really thin pages that stored thousands of phone numbers and the people who were connected to them? Whenever you needed to call someone you didn’t know, you’d have to look them up in the phone book. Thankfully, due to the internet, we’ve moved past that. Truecaller claims to be a fully comprehensive online phone book for the entire world. So how comprehensive is it?

Firefox OS App Review: Castle Attack



Price: Free
Developer: Mabk
Rating: 4/5

There’s a lot of really powerful and full-featured games out there these days. So many in fact, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Well don’t worry, there are people out there who are creating simple games that can be played while on the train, and this is one of them. Castle Attack is a game where you’re in a castle, and it’s being attacked (surprisingly enough). Is it fun?

Firefox OS App Review: Croma


Croma Home page

Price: Free
Developer: The Numix Project
Rating: 5/5

Croma, simple and yet perfect app for all developers and designers. Croma is color palette manager that gives you preview of color palettes along with their hex codes, wherever you are.

What make this app special is that it’s very simple and easy to use and still have a lot to offer. When you start it for the first time, you’ll see empty screen with text “Tap to add palette.” and after you tap it you will get options to get palette from color or to add it manually. If you chose manually you’ll have to name your palette and then you can chose whatever colors you like or need.

Basicly, it generate harmonious color schemes from an existing color using various models such as complementary, triadic, tetradic, split-complementary, analogous etc. and gives you ability to save them to your library so you could use them later or show them to your friends.


As I already said, there’s a large choice of various models, you simple chose what fits most your needs and you will add it to your home page from where you can open later and see the complete palette with hex codes of colors and options to save it as new palette or to add it to existing one. You can even delete some of the colors from palette, some that you are sure you won’t need it, for example: in the picture above, we have Monochromatic palette of blue color, which goes from black color, to very light blue, almost white. If you don’t want the black color and the color after it, you can delete them.


There are one more great thing that this app offer, and that’s the option to share palette with your friends/colleagues via email address, which is very useful when you share your own palette on which you spent a lot of time building it. I hope in the future there will be some options to share them to the social networks with a descriptions, so other people could see and use them for their own purposes.

Conclusion: This is app that definitely deserve more attention and it would be even better with couple improvements, very easy to use, design of the application itself is excellent, does not require expensive phone (it works perfectly on Alcatel OTF) and what’s best, there are no ads that pops up while you working. So if you wonder should you get this app, my anwser would be yes. You should definitely get this app. It’s simply app that every designer and developer must have on their devices.

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