Unannounced Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 Specs revealed with Firefox OS


After the success with OneTouch Pixi series with Firefox OS and re-branded Orange Klif in Africa, Alcatel is all set to launch yet another variant of OneTouch Pixi 3.5 with few changes. We got some leaked images of the new Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 from our sources. The device is not yet officially announced, but we are expecting the announcement soon.

According to the specs the device is almost identical with Pixi 3 (3.5) with Firefox OS and Orange Klif which is available in various parts of Africa. The document suggests that it runs on latest Firefox version 2.0. It has similar internal memory and RAM (512MB/256MB) with 1150/1300mAh of battery (depending on models 4023D/X/A and 4022X).

Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2

Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2

The changes we have noticed from two other variants of Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 is the VGA front camera along with 2MP FF rear back camera. It also has 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP. The screen size of the device is similar to Pixi and Klif with 3.5″ with HVGA resolution. Rest of the specs you can read from the images below.

Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 with Firefox OS

Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 with Firefox OS

We aren’t sure on which market it will be available and from when, so stick with us for more updates and if you are interested in buying Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 let us know on our forum ask.firefoxosguide.com and we will let you know as soon as it will be available in unlocked version.

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In which markets Smart Feature Phone will be launching first?


Mozilla made it official few days ago that the much awaited Smart Feature Phones are indeed exist and soon become available in market. But the big questions are – Which brand is going to launch the device and in which market?

We tried our best to know, but it seems Mozilla and the manufactures are making it super tight :D

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS

Till now all we know is Verizon Wireless, LG U+ and KDDI are the top telecom providers to distribute the device, but the main interesting part we came to know that the first market is USA with a Flip Phone (clamshell).

So it’s quite final that Verizon Wireless is the first Telecom operator to bring Firefox OS in the United States with a Flip Phone powered by Firefox OS. We can also easily predicts that the next major manufacturer is LG along with KDDI and LG U+ for Japan and South Korean market.

If you know anything about the Smart Feature Phone, do let us know in the comment section below.

Interview: Mariot Tsitoara of Mozilla Madagascar talks about Firefox OS in Africa


Few months back Firefox OS reaches Africa, one of the most potential market till now due to its vast land scape and population. By August this week (2015) more than 10 African countries have Firefox OS up and running. So how good actually the Fox is jumping on African soil? Well, there is hardly any official statement we have till now, so we though to reach the key persons of Mozilla communities in Africa to know the actual situation. So from this week, on a weekly basis we will publish an interview with one Mozilla Community member where Firefox OS is available. Starting with Mariot from Mozilla Madagascar who is an evangelist, translator and coder for the Malagasy Mozilla Community. Let’s have a look how good is Firefox OS in Africa!



So without further ado, here is what Mariot has to say:

FFOSG: Introduce yourself to the world. (brief bio, Moz member since, role and designation in your country’s Mozilla community)

I’m Mariot Tsitoara, 22 and Mozilla member since January 2014. I’m an evangelist, translator and coder for the Malagasy Mozilla Community.

FFOSG: What’s your role before, during and post Orange Klif launch in your country?

Before the Orange Klif launch, I was a Mozilla enthusiast and I was active mainly on social media.

During the launch, I worked with the Orange marketing team and we went to universities around the country to present the Klif. They advertised the phone and I talked about Firefox OS and Mozilla.

After the initial launch, we are now working on a new strategy to boost Klif sales. I am helping the Orange team to host a Firefox OS app development challenge to promote the OS and help in the creation of more local apps.

FFOSG: what are the key areas mozilla working in your country.

In Madagascar, we mostly know Mozilla as the company behind the Firefox browser. With the launch of Firefox OS, we got to know Mozilla better and understood its goal. As a developing country, the gift that Mozilla offers is very welcome here!

I think that would be Ubuntu phone because they are also open source and constructed around more or less the same values as Firefox OS.

FFOSG: What’s the current scenario of telecom industry in your country and what changes you are expecting after Orange Klif launch in your country.

The telecom industry in Madagascar is a really competitive one. That leads to very impressive marketing strategies and we always get new technologies. After the launch, I’m expecting a really good buzz for Firefox OS because every telecom company wants to get a hold of it to attract new consumers.

FFOSG: What are the major hurdles you are facing while introducing FirefoxOS to the local community, what methods you are applying to overcome it.

The major hurdle is that people want the same OSes that their peers. They don’t really trust new OSes because they are worried about compatibility issues and lack of performance.

To overcome it, I show them all the most popular apps that are available for Firefox OS. It’s necessary to really show them the apps and the phone and not just talk about them.

FFOSG: The buzz is strong that in next few years Firefox OS will become world third largest popular Smartphone OS, what’s your take on this.

Most Firefox OS users are from Africa. Since we have such a big target audience, I think that we can always get new users by ameliorating the features. I sincerely think that we have the potential to launch Firefox OS at least at the second place.

FFOSG: Smart feature phones are coming with Firefox OS, give our readers some insights about it.

Indeed, there are a lot of smart feature phone coming out lately. They are attractive for the consumers because of their prices. The major problem with them is that they offer little freedom of choice for the users and they rely only on third party software, which limits the number of apps available.

FFOSG: Which type of Smart device will do good in your country (Smartphone or Smart feature phones) powered by FirefoxOS? Why?

I think it’s the Smartphone because it becomes so popular here. Firefox OS is a great first phone because it has all the necessary features and it adapt well with everybody. And it has the advantage of being so affordable while being so useful. Even if teens are a little bit unimpressed with it, Firefox OS is a great leap forward in the Open Web.

FFOSG: In next three years where will you see the position of FirefoxOS in the Smartphone market?

As I said earlier, I think that Firefox OS will be a very popular choice in Africa because of its price and features. For the worldwide market, we will have a lot of work to do!

FFOSG: Among the new born Smartphone OSes which according to you will be the toughest competition to FirefoxOS? Why?

I think that would be Ubuntu phone because they are also open source and constructed around more or less the same values as Firefox OS. And obviously, Android is a very tough competition as it’s currently the most popular.

FFOSG: Why do you think consumers should pick Firefox OS instead of other current smartphone OSes?

Consumers should pick Firefox OS because it has all that they need, at a small price. It offers everything that they need in a smartphone OS and offers them an open door to the web.

FFOSG: Any messages you want to give to our readers?

Mozilla believes in an Open Web and Firefox OS is the right tool to achieve that goal. With this OS, we make the world better by giving more freedom and privacy. So we need to push Firefox OS further and accomplish the manifesto in the meantime.

Hope you enjoyed the interview, next week we will bring you the interview of Ganesh (Mozilla Mauritius) and give you the complete scenario of Firefox OS in Africa (Mauritius).

Till then, if you have any query related to Firefox OS – join our Ask.FirefoxOSGuide,com Forum and one of our expert will help you out in no time. On the other hand if you are a Firefox OS expert, join our expert team to help thousands of new Firefox OS users by answering their questions. The good news is you could now WIN a brand new Firefox OS device by helping others on the forum. More details here.

Smart Feature phones are coming powered by Firefox OS! Are You Ready?


Today is very special for Mozilla as well as for all those millions of feature phone users across the globe as Mozilla announced the arrival of Smart Feature Phones powered by Firefox OS. So very soon those who doesn’t want to switch from their keypad phones to touch phone can access many smartphone features on Mozilla’s Smart Feature Phones powered by Firefox OS.

Earlier today Mozilla Egypt Facebook page shared a video along with an image showcasing the features the Smart Feature Phone is capable of. We love the features like how we swipe (press) the navigation keys to swipe the functions on the display. Pinning our favourite contacts is one of the cool features go the phone.

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS

Though Mozilla yet to give a specific time frame about the availability, but as the holiday season is just around the corner, we can expect that by the end of the year we will at least have a Smart Feature Phone on our hands.

As per our source : USA will get one of the first devices in a flip phone form factor, stay with us for more.

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS (2)

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS (3)

Smart feature phones-FirefoxOS

For the time being, watch the official video Mozilla released for the masses:


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The Spice Fire One Mi-FX2 gets a price cut now at Rs.2799


Good news for Indian low end Smartphone users, after the success of the First-Gen Spice Fire One Mi-Fx1 powered by Firefox OS, earlier this year Spice Mobile announced their second generation Spice Fire One Mi Fx2 for INR 3199. Earlier last week they have reduced the price by 13% to lure more buyers. It came at the prize of Rs.3199 but now it is been sold at Rs.2799.

The Spice Fire One Mi-FX2 features a 3.5-inch (480 x 320 pixels) HVGA capacitive display and is powered by a 1 GHz processor. It comes with 256 MB RAM along with 512 MB internal memory which can be expanded via microSD card.


For camera, it has a 2MP rear along with dual LED flash and a 1.3MP front-facing camera. It has Dual SIM support and comes with the traditional 3.5 mm audio jack and FM Radio.

The Spice Fire One Mi-FX2 has 3G internet connection, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 and aGPS as connectivity options. It packs in a small 1,100 mAh battery under the hood. The smartphone comes in Midnight Black, Ash Silver and Tangy Orange colour variants

To buy the device Click Here.

Orange Klif is now available in Egypt


Orange keep expanding their footprint in Africa with Mozilla powered Klif, today Firefox OS powered Klif has been launched in Egypt at EGP 275. The Orange Klif digital offer starts from under US $40 (EGP 275), inclusive of a smartphone, data, voice and text bundle, setting a new benchmark in price that will act as a major catalyst for smartphone and data adoption across the region.

The Orange Klif has the latest Firefox OS v2.0, along with a 3.5” HVGA screen and 2MP camera. With its 1300mAh battery offering 810 hours of standby, the smartphone also provides a reliable companion when on the move.

“Smartphone prices are falling fast but there are still large segments in Africa who find existing smartphone models too expensive. Mobile data adoption also has enormous room to grow, especially in markets across Africa, where to date most smartphones have been bought without a bundled data plan. There is a major opportunity for innovation to fill both of these market gaps,” said Ian Fogg, Senior Director Mobile & Telecoms at IHS Technology.

Those who are yet to use a touch phone (Feature or Smart) can now enjoy the bundle offer of Orange Klif and upgrade their keypad phones to a 3G enabled Smartphone.

Video: Firefox OS v3.0 on “Flatfish” – Foxconn InFocus New Tab F1


Since the beginning we (FirefoxOSGuide.Com) are very lucky to have the Mozilla Community member along with us. There are tons of blogs started way back in 2013 along with us, many shut down due to lack of resourceful news or lack of motivation, few survive till now. Most of them are backed by Mozilla members. Today I would personally want to thank Nino Vranešič, who is from Slovenia and an active Moz community member.

Since early days we give you all the glimpse of what’s coming next with Mozilla’s Firefox OS. Today is no exception, as today we are giving you the first live video of Firefox OS v3.0 on Flatfish – InFocus Tab F1.

Firefox OS on Flatfish

Let me tell you about the brand InFocus - In 2013 Taiwanese Foxconn launched an InFocus brand in China. InFocus brand develops, manufactures and distributes DLP and LCD projectors and smartphones/tablets. They launched the Tab F1 for solely research and development, and you can’t find it anywhere for purchase as it’s not available in public.

The InFocus F1 tablet processor is set to 1.2Ghz (quad-core). The screen resolution is 1280X800 on 10.1″ (IPS) capacitive multi-touch screen. It also features dual cameras, front 2MP and back 5MP. System memory is 2GB DD3. Storage capacity of the device is 16GB but can also be expanded by micro SD card (up to 32GB). Built-in sensors are G sensor, light sensor, Gyroscope sensor. Device also has GPS with GLONASS support. Tablet has two built in stereo speakers.

Foxconn tablet doesn’t have button to close the app and switch between apps. Currently all Firefox OS phones, that are available on the market, have one button at the bottom of the screen. To navigate on your tablet you can use gestures. 1) One finger swipe up – go to home screen. 2) Two fingers swipe up – see open apps and navigate between apps. There is also one great feature called edge swipe navigation – you can drag from the left or right edge of the screen to jump between apps.

Recently Nino shot a small walkthrough video on request to show the gestures and overall UI improvements we will find on Firefox OS 3.0: so without further ado let’s have a look at the video of Flatfish runs on InFocus F1 Tab:

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

via 1 - 2 - 3

Top Online Resources for Firefox OS you must follow


Firefox OS still looks new in the eyes of many but Firefox OS has been around for long. Do you ever wonder if there are resources online for which you can attain Firefox OS content? Well in this article we look at blogs, social media accounts where you can get all things Firefox OS.


It may look as if there are few blogs on Firefox OS or most Firefox OS Blogs are dead well then you don’t do enough research. Here is a list of the Top 4 Firefox OS Blogs.

Firefox OS Guide (English): This blog has been around since the early days of Firefox OS and is still alive. This blog offers you amazing content on Firefox OS including product reviews, leaks, application reviews, great how to articles and device announcements. FirefoxOSGuide blog offers you a way of buying devices especially from Alcatel OneTouch.

Firefox OS Central (English): Firefox OS Central has also been around since 2014, This blog is based in Ghana and also has writers from Asia. FFOSC offers refreshing news and another perspective of Firefox OS. Content on this blog includes application and game reviews, latest news, device announcements and also covers events on Firefox OS.

Mundo Firefox OS (Spanish): It is the best Spanish site where you can get all the news on Firefox OS. Get app and game reviews and the latest news. It has been around since 2014 and also has great following.

Firefox OS News (Italian): This blog is new and is based in Italy. You may not find old post related to Firefox OS but if you want fresh news based in Firefox OS then visit the blog.


Here are twitter accounts you should follow for up to date news:


@FirefoxOSGuide - News, Reviews, How to tutorials, leaked news and more.

@fxoscentral - News, Reviews and more

@fxosnews - News, Reviews and more

@FirefoxOSAfrica - News related to FFOS in Africa

@FirefoxOSfr - Firefox OS News in French

@MundoFirefoxOS FFOS News in Spanish

@FirefoxOSFeed Firefox OS News in English

@AskFirefoxOS - Have a Question related to FirefoxOS? Use the #AskFirefoxOS on Twitter and we are happy to help you,


Who is not on Facebook, so it way too easy to follow Firefox OS related news on Facebook, here are few awesome and resourceful pages on Facebook.

Firefox OS Fans


Firefox OS App Days

Firefox OS News

Firefox OS Central

Firefox OS Guide

Leaked: High-end SONY Smartphone is coming with Firefox OS?


** Update: 30.7.15: It was confirmed by Mozilla members that it’s not any upcoming Firefox OS device with SONY, but the image is of Xperia Z3 Compact’s which they are currently using for an internal project. Disappointed :( **

Long back SONY along with LG Electronics, ZTE and Huawei joined hands with Mozilla to spread Firefox OS devices worldwide, since then all three major Smartphone manufacturers have introduced more than one Smartphones powered by Firefox OS expect SONY. Even few months back we have heard the news that SONY is no more with the working terms with Mozilla for a Smartphone. But earlier today we got an tip from one of our Chinese fans about a leaked image of a High-end SONY Smartphone powered by Firefox OS.

The information is very limited for the time being, but we will try to go deep into the matter in no time. From the leaked image, we came to know few important things about SONY’s upcoming Smartphone. The device is crafted in a glass and metal case and have clearly visible Firefox OS logo and Name embedded on the back. The SONY name is also visible clearly along with a graphic of building and Mozilla Rocket.


Notably, the device is in RED, the color which SONY used in resent times, while the box behind shows a white Xperia Smartphone with traditional metal circular buttons. But what catches our eyes is the Mozilla sticker on the box.

Something to cheer about if you are a SONY or Mozilla Firefox OS fan! Give us your take in the comment section below.

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