Intex Technologies introduced $34 Firefox OS device Intex Cloud FX exclusively on Snapdeal


Earlier today Intex Technologies introduced India’s cheapest Smartphone Intex Cloud FX at a press conference in New Delhi. Most interesting part of this Smartphone is it’s neither run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, nor on Google’s Android, but relatively new platform Firefox OS by Mozilla.


Earlier this month Spice Mobile introduced India’s first Firefox OS powered Smartphone Spice Fire One Mi- FX1, which will be available from August 29th exclusively on

Earlier this year, Mozilla announced its intentions to launch a $25 Firefox OS smartphone with Spreadtrum chip inside. however we have not witness such device until now, the Indian Smartphone manufacturers Spice Mobility and Intex Technologies introduced these two Smartphones which are very similar to the dream $25 Smartphone by Mozilla.

Priced at approximately $38, the Spice Fire One Mi – FX1 and at $34 Intex Cloud FX will be targeting first-time smartphone users. If you are from India you can now buy the Intex Cloud FX from e-commerce site Snapdeal for Rs 1,999.

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If you are not aware, here is a quick refresher: the Intex Cloud FX runs Firefox OS and has a 3.5-inch display (480×320 pixels), 128 MB RAM, and 1GHz processor. The phone, which is claimed to be the country’s lowest-priced smartphone sports a 2 megapixel rear camera. This dual SIM Intex phone supports a microSD card of up to 4GB. It comes with a 1250mAh battery. Its connectivity options include WiFi, USB, Bluetooth.

Intex Cloud FX will take on the recently announced Spice Fire One Mi-FX 1 that also runs Firefox OS. The Firefox phone from Spice is priced at Rs 2,299. Spice’s dual-SIM 2G handset features a 3.5-inch touchscreen, 1 GHz processor and 1.3 megapixel rear and 0.3 megapixel front cameras.

So as far as spces is concerned, both Spice and Intex devices are almost similar, if you are a first time Snartphone user or want to try touch screen device, this will give you a decent idea, before you make big hole into your pocket to buy an expensive one.

Surely this will snatch a good number of customers from the Feature phone segment where brands like Micromax, Lava, Nokia are ruling. Let us know what’s your though on this. Would you give it a try?

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Telefónica Movistar introduced ZTE Open II in El Salvador


Firefox OS travelled from Europe to South America since it launched in 2013 in Spain, apart from those two continents, Mexico, part of North American continent is the only country to have Firefox OS. On August 15th, El Salvador became the first Central American country to have Mozilla’s open source Mobile OS powered Smartphone.

The Salvadoran country officially arrives ZTE Open II, which only can be acquired by purchasing a postpaid plan Movistar centres across the country at a price of $ 15.99 per month.

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Apart from that we have confirmed news from our source that other Central American countries - Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama will also get the treat of Firefox OS Smartphones very soon! Stay with us for more.

ZTE Open C and ZTE Open II launches in Uruguay, Peru and Colombia with Telefónica


As the year goes on Mozilla along with its global partners keep rolling Firefox OS with new devices. Last month they introduced the second generation ZTE devices to many LatAm countries. Since June to August we have witnessed many LatAm and Central American countries having their first taste of 2nd Gen Firefox OS.

On June 30th, Mr. John Bernard , Global Marketing Director of Mozilla, announced through a tweet on his official account, the arrival of Open C to Uruguayan soil hand the local division of Movistar.

Then Fernando Leis , CMO Movistar Uruguay makes Twitter circulate a pamphlet promoting the purchase of equipment with Firefox OS, including Open C is the occasion of the celebration of Father’s Day in charrúas lands.

With this release, Uruguay stands as the first country in South America to have for sale one of the newest devices with Firefox OS ZTE. If you want to know more about how to purchase an ZTE Open C in Uruguay, visit this link.

After Uruguay, ZTE Open II sees the daylight in Inca land (Peru), he information comes via a tweet by Juan Eladio Sánchez, a computer engineer and Open Source consultant, working with Mozilla Peru. In this tweet, he shares a shot made by Movistar.

Under the slogan “When you connect the party begins,” Peru Movistar Open II will sell at a price of 169 soles plus an optional bonus of 30 soles plus 200 MB and three months (free, I guess) of Line.

With this release, Peru became the second country in South America to have available for sale one of the new ZTE Firefox OS devices. The first is Uruguay, which is already selling the Open C from previous weekend .

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After the launch in Uruguay and Peru, ZTE Open II travel to Colombia. ZTE Open II, the second generation phones by the Chinese company ZTE, comes at a price of 138,900 Colombian pesos and is available in black and white colors.

If you want to know more about how to purchase this device, check it out on Movistar Colombia official website.

We are expecting more new launches in the coming weeks, so stay with us to know more about it.

Tutorial: Flashing Flame Devices with Firefox OS

Mozilla introduced Firefox OS reference device FLAME  few weeks ago. After the initial Developer devices Geeksphone Keon and Peak, this is a welcome device for many due to it’s ‘Flexible RAM’ option. If you have a Flame reference device and want try out alternate versions of Firefox OS apart from the stock one, but not willing to build from source, then follow this mini-manual.
Flame device

Get the build

You can download the packages from the Nightly Build directories of Mozilla FTP. You specifically need the following two files:

  • (XX is the version number)

Set up environment

Once you have the build, decompress both of them in the same directory. Download the file from this gist and put it into the same directory as well.
N.B: You will have to set executable bit to the script file ($ chmod a+x

Flashing the device

  1. Enable remote debugging in Device’s Developer Settings
  2. Connect the device to the system over USB
  3. You will need to have have ADB installed 3.1. Run $ adb devices 3.2. Check for Flame in the listed devices 3.3. If device is listed, proceed to step 4 (if not, troubleshoot)
  4. Run the script to initiate flashing $ ./
  5. Follow the instructions to customize your flashing as per your need.
  6. If you face issues, try flashing with /data partition formatted when asked.
  7. Profit!


After you’re done flashing, your device will be on the Nightly channel, receiving updates almost each day. Those updates will be over the air (OTA) download of ~60MB, and completely hassle free.

 Stay with us for more tutorials, News and reviews.

Hungry Fridge – mobile Firefox OS game with Gamepad API support on desktop


Hungry Fridge is a game available in the Firefox Marketplace, but it’s quite different from your regular mobile apps. Enclave Games prepared an experiment using the Gamepad API, so you can control a fully-blown driving, shooting and eating machine.

The game is quite simple when you play it on a mobile device. All you have to do is to tap on some food to collect it – it’s “good” (veggies) and “bad” (junk) food, but you also have to follow the color of the marker the Fridge wants to eat.


Hungry Fridge is hungry! Feed it with proper food to get the highest score!

The Fridge will tell you what it wants to eat. Follow the color of the food marker and its counter, tap the proper food to feed the Fridge and collect points. Tap the wrong food or let it go out of the screen and you will lose energy.

The difference is when you launch it on a desktop with the gamepad connected – it will turn into Super Turbo Hungry Fridge:


The Gamepad API is in the draft stage, but it works well in the Firefox browser already.


The game itself was created using Phaser and the full source code is available on GitHub. You can play the game online, get it from the Firefox Marketplace and read the short making of blog post – this game was used as an example in the Playing Around with the Gamepad API chapter in the HTML5 Game Development Insights book.

It’s an interesting case of one game working differently on mobile and desktop using bleeding-end technology and delivering console-like experience right in your browser without any plugins.

Intex Cloud FX to hit Indian market in August, Spice’s Firefox OS device in July


Just yesterday Mozilla announced Intex and Spice as its hardware partners to launch Firefox OS smartphones in India. Today, Spice has confirmed that its first smartphone running on Mozilla’s operating system will launch as early as July in India.

The company also revealed that the smartphones will be placed in the ultra-affordable segment (under INR 2000) and will be targeted at first time smartphone users. The company hasn’t revealed any specifications for the device, except for its dual-SIM capabilities. This will be a great experience for first time users are with minimal cost they can enjoy many features of modern Smartphones.

We can only speculate that it could boast specifications similar to what Mozilla showcased at the MWC earlier this year. That device featured a 3.5-inch HVGA display, Spreadtrum SC6821 chipset, and connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The company had revealed that phones on this hardware platform could be priced as low as Rs 1,500.



Meanwhile Intex in a statement on Thursday said its first Firefox OS smartphone, the Intex Cloud FX, would be priced under Rs. 2,000 when it launches in the first week of August. The company said the Cloud FX would sport a 3.5-inch display (resolution unspecified), and be powered by a 1GHz processor (number of cores unspecified).

Other features detailed by Intex for its Cloud FX smartphone running Firefox OS include a 2-megapixel rear camera, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The specifications detailed by Intex are conspicuously similar to the reference $25 Firefox OS smartphone platform unveiled by Mozilla and Spreadtrum at MWC 2014.

Stay with us as we will give you the best news related to this topic. Join us on Fcaebook and start FOLLOWING us on Twitter @FirefoxOSGuide to know the latest happenings about Firefox OS across the globe.

Intex and Spice join hands with Mozilla, bringing Firefox OS to India soon!


The wait is over for Firefox OS lovers here in India, on 10th of June, Mozilla in a Press Release announced the arrival of Firefox OS in the country with not only one but with two local brands. Intex and Spice are known for their value for money low cost devices and very popular in rural India as well as country wide penetration. This association is indeed give them new high.

According to the Press Release, in the next few months both Intex and Spice are going to introduce their respective Smartphones powered by Firefox OS.



“Intex is excited to announce its association with Mozilla which will enable us to develop unparalleled smart devices on the latest Firefox OS platform, said Mr. Sanjay Kumar Kalirona, Business Head, Mobile, Intex Technologies (India) Ltd. “The platform will give us an edge in upgrading buyers from feature phones to smartphones while making it affordable for the mass market. This will propel our devices to be much more than a way to use the Web, but take the engagement further and develop the Web as a mobile platform.”

Mr. Dilip Modi, Co-Founder & CEO of Spice, said, “We have been the technology innovators in India’s telecom industry and are pleased to introduce Firefox OS in India through our smartphones to cater to the country’s masses. This partnership with Mozilla showcases our commitment to providing the best technological innovations first-hand to our customers. We have high expectations from this partnership as we continue to constantly push the boundaries, and bring unique and exciting products to our customers. These phones will be affordably priced to ensure everyone can enjoy and experience the power of the Firefox OS phone.”

“Spreadtrum and Mozilla’s turnkey solution defines a new level in smartphone affordability. Together with handset makers, we can now make the smartphone experience accessible to more consumers globally. We are pleased to be working together with Mozilla and with handset brands around the world to bring these affordable open Web devices to market,” said Xiaomao Xiao, vice president of software development at Spreadtrum.

So we just have to wait few more weeks till both the brands officially unveils their Smartphones with Mozilla Firefox OS. Keep following us as we will let you know more about it in the coming days.

Firefox OS v2.0 has the complete UI Overhaul


Last month we revealed the Camera details of the upcoming version of Firefox OS – that is Firefox OS v1,4. Now the new rumour came up about the entire UI overhaul of Firefox OS after the version 1.4. According to the source, a Chinese developer leaked few images of the new User Interface (UI) of the upcoming version that is Firefox OS v2.0. Now for many this is strange to jump from v1.4 to v2.0. But hey! If Android and iOS can do it, why don’t Mozilla!

Apparently, Mozilla has decided to adapt some of their strongest competitors to make changes, so you may find similarities with both Google Android and Apple iOS 7.

It is worth noting that although the images are credible, the lack of information as to how they were obtained brings a degree of doubt as to its authenticity, so we should consider this with some skepticism.

Below you can view the images of the new UI of Firefox OS v2.0:


Picture 1 of 6

 Stay with us as we will give you more details soon!

Firefox OS Simulators 1.4 and 1.5 released


Good news for all the Firefox OS developers eager to play around with the cutting edge features in upcoming releases of the Firefox OS mobile operating system and for the app developers wanting to test their applications to ensure everything works fine. Firefox OS Simulators for 1.4 and 1.5 were released and are available from the Mozilla FTP account.


As the authors mention:

Please ensure installing them manually, as simulator for FxOS 1.2 or 1.3 won’t upgrade to these versions. That’s because we offer a way to install one simulator for each FxOS release!

That way you can easily test the application in every major version (from 1.2 to 1.5) of the Firefox OS Simulator. There are few key features that were missing in the previous versions:

  • Home button
  • Screen rotation
  • Ability to connect DevTools

That should help the developers work on the Firefox OS applications better and more efficient.

Spreadtrum is working on couple of 3G Firefox OS devices – Details


Last month at Mobile World Congress, Spreadtrum became one of the most talked about company when they along with Mozilla announced the arrival of a $25 Smartphone. If you are still now aware of it, you can read the full story here. Those who wondered how Mozilla can manage this much cheap Smartphone running Firefox OS, we have some more interesting news for you today. Spreadtrum, the Shanghai based fabless semiconductor company which makes chips for Smartphones is planning big with Mozilla. We have confirmed news that Spreadtrum is working on at least couple of more chipsets apart from their already declared SC6821.



One of our source confirmed the news that Spreadtrum is working on couple of mid-ranged 3G Smartphones along with the $25 2G Smartphone. When we investigate further, we came to know few more details about the devices. One of the chipset they are putting inside of an unknown Firefox OS device is SC7710. Before you jumped from your seat and try to search about it more on Google, hold on, you will hardly get any information about this chip online. Let us do the hard work for you.

The SC7710 is a highly integrated smartphone chipset based on a 1GHz Cortex A5 core processor, and supporting WCDMA/HSPA(+) and GSM/EDGE communication standards and is coupled with an independent PMU & audio codec. The chipset consists of 2 embedded 32-bit microcontrollers and an embedded 64-bit DSP core in a highly optimized architecture with many dedicated accelerators including an ARM Mali 400 GPU for 3D graphics acceleration. This chipset supports 5MP high-resolution camera with 720p video recording capability.

On the other hand The SC7715 is Spreadtrum’s next generation single-core smartphone chipset supporting WCDMA/HSPA(+) and GSM/EDGE communication standards.  The chipset integrates a Cortex-A7 core processor running at speeds up to 1.2GHz, an ARM Mali 400 GPU for high performance graphics, as well as a PMU, audio codec and connectivity functions including WiFi, Bluetooth(R), GPS and FM to achieve high integration at low cost. This chip also supports camera up to 5MP, so we can ecpect a better camera with this chipset.

Currently we don’t have any clue about which device will introduce these chipsets and when they will hit the market, but one more thing we know that both the chipsets will support Firefox OS v1.4. So we can expect these two hitting the shelves by Q3 2014.

Stay with us for more as we will continue our investigation on this topic. If you have any question, drop us an email or start the conversation with any of the following platform:

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