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Firefox OS is here for almost three years now and there are thousands of contributors working on it day and night. There are many App Developers who have created awesome Apps for the Firefox OS Marketplace. We have thousands of fresh Apps along with well known Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Line in the Firefox OS Marketplace. Game developers are also very much active with Firefox OS. Our good friend Andrzej Mazur is one of the key personnel who is active since the early days. His Enclave Games has created more than one game available for the Firefox OS Marketplace. Currently his is busy with writing his book ‘Build HTML5 Games for Firefox OS’ which will be available soon. But there is one developer Andre Alves Garzia who have already created an ebook for Firefox OS Game Developers - ‘Building Games for Firefox OS’

building games for firefox os

Join us in the quest for building games for Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system by Mozilla. Empowered by this books practical approach you will learn through examples how to develop a full game from the beginning all the way to the distribution in the Firefox Marketplace.

Recommended Readers

All those interested in developing games with web technologies. Everyone that wants to seize the opportunity to blaze their own path on a new mobile market

Knowledge Requirements

To better enjoy this book the reader should have intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS e Javascript.

This is an early release. The book still going through revisions and more content will be added.

Currently this Firefox OS eBook has more than 1300 readers. You can join him and read the book for FREE Here - if you find the eBook useful buy it for as low as USD 4.99.

That’s not all, if you want to learn how to create an App for the Firefox OS Marketplace, Andre has yet another eBook for you naming ‘Quick Guide For Firefox OS App Development’ 

Quick Guide For Firefox OS App Development

Learn how easy and quick it is to develop applications for Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system by Mozilla. Empowered by this books practical approach you will learn through examples how to develop apps from the beginning all the way to the distribution in the Firefox Marketplace.

Recommended Readers

All those interested in developing apps for a new free mobile platform. Those wanting to learn more about building apps using HTML5. Everyone that wants to seize the opportunity to blaze their own path on a new mobile market

Knowledge Requirements

To better enjoy this book the reader should have intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS e Javascript.

You can read this Firefox OS eBook online here for Free, but to help the author’s hard work, you can buy the full version for USD 10.00. Both the eBooks are Free and under Creative Commons.

Do let us know how these two eBooks are and also if you have suggestions for us or for the author, drop us a line in the comment.

Note: If you are an author and want to promote your eBook or Paper book, drop us a line on Twitter or email us and we will get back to you.

Guide: How to install Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview, Android app


On 10th November Mozilla product manager Peter Dolanjski announced the arrival of Developer preview of Firefox OS 2.5 for Android devices. Yes you are reading it right, for Android devices! If you don’t have a Firefox OS Smartphone this is your chance to feel the User Interface (UI) of Firefox OS. All you need an Android Smartphone and active internet connection to download the APK file of the early nightly builds of Developer Preview.

Firefox OS 2.5 Deceloper Preview

Firefox OS 2.5 Deceloper Preview

This latest version of Firefox OS delivers exciting features including:

  • Add-ons: Just like the add-ons we’ve come to love in desktop browsers,Firefox OS add-ons can extend just one app, several, or all of them, including the system app itself.
  • Private Browsing with Tracking Protection: A new Firefox privacy feature, Tracking Protection allows users to control how their browsing activity is tracked across many sites.
  • Pin the Web: Pin the Web removes the artificial distinction between web apps and web sites and lets you pin any web site or web page to your home screen for later usage.

To find out more about all aspects of the release, visit Firefox OS v2.5.

Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview is an Android app that lets you experience Firefox OS as an alternate home screen on your Android device without having to re-flash and replace your Android installation. So even if you are not a Geek, don’t know how to flash your device, you can install it just like any ordinary Android App. To give it a try, visit Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview,

After you download, click next to install the app, in most of the cases after installation, it won’t open, you have to choose the Firefox OS Developer Preview as your Home Screen from the Setting menu. Depending on your Android version, it should be under the display settings of Home Screen Settings.


Picture 1 of 5

Note: I have tested on my LG G2 (Lollipop 5.0.2) and it’s running smoothly, only I have a scrolling issue, let us know if you are facing any issue on our Forum – CLICK HERE

How to switch back to older Android launcher:

On your Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview, scroll down to setting (well you will find two setting here, one is for your Android device and one is for the Firefox OS) choose Android Setting, now under general setting or Display settings, find Home Screen menu. Now choose Android launcher or any downloaded launcher of your choice to disable Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview.

Official WhatsApp reached Firefox OS Marketplace


The official WhatsApp app has officially reached Firefox OS devices and is available on the Firefox OS Marketplace for users on Firefox OS v2.5. Mozilla has reached an agreement with WhatsApp to enable the availability of the app on Firefox OS devices known us Hypertext. Both Mountain View based companies reached this agreement ending the the over 2 year problem surrounding the Operating system not having the popular Instant Messaging App.

If you are using WhatsApp on Android, then you won’t find any difficulty to use WhatsApp on your Firefox OS device as both the apps are identical. But to run the App on Firefox OS Smartphone, you need Firefox OS v2.5 or grater, so for the time being only developers can enjoy the App and test it for bug.


During the View Source Conference in Portland, Oregon. Firefox showcased the general public the benefits of OpenMobile ACL , which allow Firefox OS and Android developers to run applications on other systems such as Firefox OS, including WhatsApp.

You can checkout the app on Firefox OS Marketplace:


If you have Firefox OS v2.5 running on your device, try the WhatsApp App now and let us know your thoughts about it. Meanwhile you can join our Forum – Ask Firefox OS to get involved in to the discussions and take part in our ongoing Firefox OS giveaway!

Update: You may not find it on Firefox OS Marketplace, as it’s in testing phase and only compatible with ZTE Open C II.


Firefox OS Guide presenting ‘The King of Firefox OS Apps’ Competition – Details


With Mozilla you have more control on your Smartphone as well as on your Apps. On Firefox OS Marketplace you have a section called ‘Featured Apps’ where you will find more customized suggestion of Apps based on your taste and location. Firefox OS users worldwide enjoying this benefit since early 2014. Much like last year we are happy to announce the ‘Second Edition’ of ‘The King of Firefox OS Apps’.

The King of Firefox OS Apps
The King of Firefox OS Apps

Since the beginning Firefox OS Guide is delivering what’s best for Open Source. Because we believe it’s time to give the users the power they deserves. As a fan based blog we want to ask you all, the fans and users of Firefox OS to pick and submit your favorite Apps to us, and on November 25th we will publish the top 16 user pick Apps and put them along with few big names to compete.

If you are an App developer, this is your chance to get noticed in-front of millions and get more FREE!! Publicity from Firefox OS Guide. Here is the format of the competition ‘The King of Firefox OS Apps’:

Round One:

From November 12th till 24th, Nominate (submit) your App to us through the form below. Ask your users to re-submit it, as only top voted 16 Apps will be qualified for the final round of the competition.

Round Two:

On November 25th we will announce the 16 qualified App names along with Top 8 Editor’s choice Apps for the final draw. So in total we will have 24 Apps, no matter which category its from. If you vote (nominate) for it, it will qualify.

We will seed 8 top Editor’s choice App in 8 Pre-QF pots and randomly pick couple of more qualified Apps to compete against it. So each Pre-QF group will have 3 Apps.  After a weeks voting (by you all of course), from each group an App will advance to the next round.

Round Three:

In the Quarter Final we will have only 8 Apps in knock out like competition. After a week of voting (again by you all), from each QF an app will advance to the next round.

Round Four:

In the Semi-Final, we will have the final four remaining App of your choice and only you can pick who will advance to the Final of this year’s ’The King of Firefox OS Apps’.

Round Five:

Top two voted Apps will have a Face- Off for the final showdown. At the end of the voting we will crown the ‘The King of Firefox OS Apps’.


As an App Developer you can nominate your App and ask your users to re-submit your App through the form below. As an user you can ask your favorite App developer to submit their App to us to qualify for the competition.

T&C: Only the Apps which are freely available on Firefox OS Marketplace will qualify for this competition. We will be the final judge for the Round One result and from Round Two, it all depends on the user Voting.

Prize: Through this competition we will give your App a heck of Free publicity, and you want MORE? ;)

Note: If you want us to do a detailed review of your App, ping us on Twitter or email us.

Let’s not waste any more of your time and grab your best App’s link from the Firefox OS Marketplace and put it on the form below along with the name of the App before time runs out. And Yeah! Don’t forget to share this page to all your friends and family (did we miss to say your App users too!) for re-submitting it again.

Next Week we will reveal the Top 8 seeded App names. So stay with us. Join us

on Twitter on Facebook on YouTube for more news about this competition and other Firefox OS News.

PhotoMarker – watermark your images


Do you love photography? If yes then sharing it online is a great way to showcase your talent. But there is a downside of it. People of so called your virtual friends can steal them and share or even sell them to make profit out of your creativity. So what should you do to safeguard them. With Firefox OS you actually can safeguard it by adding Watermarks on them. If you have a Firefox OS Smartphone you can download the App ‘PhotoMarker’ from the marketplace.

Image Image

To Download the app click here.

Firefox OS Images (ROMs) Download Centre – All in One


Since the launch way back in 2013 Mozilla led Firefox OS has almost has 20 smartphones running various versions of the smartphone operating system. Among the first set of devices ZTE Open and Alcatel OneTouch Fire were launched with Firefox OS v1.0. For the end user’s point of view, there isn’t much software updates since the launch of those two. But in these three years Firefox OS has changed a lot. Just like Android OS, there are few independent developers who works day and night to build custom builds (read Custom ROMs). Devices like Geeksphone Keon, Peak, Revolution, Alcatel and ZTE devices has among the favourites with the developers. They build ROMs for the devices and publish on their blogs, but if you don’t know them or their blogs, it’s really hard to know that a new version of the custom ROM is available. On this post we will try to create a list (Firefox OS Download Centre) with all of them together to give you an one stop solution.

FirefoxOS-Download Centre

FirefoxOS-Download Centre

Here are the official as well as unofficial links of ROMs related to Firefox OS. Check them out and give us your feedback in the comment section.

Firefox OS Download Centre:

Official Mozilla nightly builds

Geeksphone Keon, Peak & Revolution

ZTE Open & Alcatel One Touch Fire

ZTE Open & Alcatel One Touch Fire (MexMod)

ZTE Open (C), Alcatel One Touch Fire, Flame, Raspberry Pi (VegnuxMod)

Firefox OS (nightly) build for SONY Xperia Z3, Z3C, Z2, T2 and E3 (FXP)

Bookmark this page as we will Keep you updated about all the latest builds and include new device ROMs as soon as they appears online. If you know any more  custom ROMs which you think is worthy of a try, do ping us on our forum - and we will try to include it on this post.

Note: Flashing a custom ROM is required some extra knowledge, it’s advisable that you only try if you have the knowledge, it’s for the advance users only. Try this at your own risk.

Where are the announced Firefox OS Devices?


After launching in Spain, Firefox OS travels through Eastern Europe, most of the Latin American countries, few Asian nations, lets not forget Australia (recently Vanuatu) before entering African continent. Currently we have around 20 Smartphones available in the market and there are few coming up (later this year and the next), but what about those which are announced, showcased and then we don’t have any clue of them till now.

Today I’m going to give you few of those Firefox OS devices which were officially announced by the manufactures but not yet released.

1) Yezz Foxy 4 and Yezz Foxy 3.5:

Yezz foxy series with Firefox OS

Announced way back at CES 2015, these two Firefox OS devices were announced by the company called Yezz Mobile, but till now none of the devices are available in the market. On Yezz 4 you will get 4″ Screen, 1GHz single core processor, 4GB of ROM, 512MB of RAM, Dual SIM, memory card support upto 64GB (that’s awesome dude!), 2MP primary camera along with VGA front Cam. On the other hand Yezz Foxy 3.5 has exact same configuration apart from the screen size which is 3.5″. We don’t know when and in which markets Yezz will launch their Foxy series of Smartphones. If you have any news about it do share with us.

2) Alcatel OneTouch Fire S:


Possibly the best configured Smartphone powered by Firefox OS when announced. It has 4.5″ qHD screen with 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor, 4GB ROM, 1GB RAM, 8MP primary Camera along with 2MP front shooter. It’s one of the first LTE devices announced with Firefox OS. It was supposed to launch with Firefox OS 2.0. Not sure why Alcatel halts the release of the device.

3) ZTE Open L:

ZTE_Open L

Yet another promising device without any clue for last six months. It sports a 5″ screen, 1.1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor. The device was suppose to launch with way back, but now it looks like ZTE will announce the device with Firefox OS v2.2/2.5.

4) VIA Vixen:

VIA Vixen

It’s a Tablet announced few months back. Its powered by VIA WonderMedia SoC with 1.3GHz Dual Core processor. 8GB internal, 1GB RAM, 7 inch screen. 2MP rear camera with VGA front cam.

Apart from these Firefox OS Devices we haven’t seen any announcements from Huawei and LG for a long time and local players such as Symphony, Intex and ZEN Mobile launched their last device in 2014 and it’s almost 2015 end and no new announcement.

 Bookmark this page to know more about the availability and pricing of them. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news and reviews of Firefox OS.

App Review: My Device – A Simple App for your Firefox OS Devices


Firefox OS is growing rapidly and so does the App Marketplace. There are tons of cool Apps on the marketplace to checkout. Recently one of our forum member kskarthik shared an App called My Device which is developed by a Ukrainian developer. So what so spacial about this App? Well till now we don’t have any App to give us the system info of our Firefox OS devices.

My Device is a simple app which provides basic information about your phone’s provider (carrier), country, display resolution, battery level & consumption. It also has an integrated speed test. So you can get all the required information about your Firefox OS Smartphone and Tablets.

Download the app from the Firefox OS Marketplace:


Checkout few images of the App before you enjoy the App on your Firefox OS Device. Make sure to give us the feedback of the App on Twitter and Facebook.


My-Device-FirefoxOS-App My-Device-FirefoxOS-App

Note: Join – our newly created Forum for Firefox OS and you could win a Firefox OS Smartphone. Learn more here.

Tutorial: How to flash Alcatel OneTouch Fire with Firefox OS v2.5 with Spark enabled


Are you one of the early bird who bought Alcatel OneTouch Fire, still wondering when your device will get an official update? Well we can’t confirm the update date as it’s controlled by your operator (Telefonica Movistar or others) and the Alcatel brand itself, but what we can do is give you an option to un-officially upgrade your device to the upcoming Firefox OS v2.5 with spark tool. Thanks to our developer friend Penserbjorne a.k.a. MexMod has developed a custom ROM (Firefox OS v2.5) for Alcatel OneTouch Fire with Spark enabled features.

Alcatel OneTouch Fire with v2.5

Alcatel OneTouch Fire with  Firefox OS v2.5

Warning: This is for advance users, if you haven’t flashed any device previously, then we suggest either you don’t try this or try to with utmost precautions. Remember we will NOT be responsible if anything happen to your device during this process.


(If you are Flashing the device for the first time, you need some drivers. If you already have them installed, SKIP this step).

First of all you need the Drivers to run the process successfully, so download the .Zip file for Alcatel OneTouch Fire from Mega (Download Here)

After the download extract the .zip file and execute the ‘install.vbs‘ file.

If nothing appears on the screen it means that its all right,in otherwise, if some window appears maybe something gone wrong, try to detect the error, the most common one is related with the folder name, try to rename it without any spaces in the new name. If all gone right, now plug your phone to the PC and let Windows do his work.

Now you can see your device connected in the PC and you can begin to flash your Firefox device.

Alternatively, if you have installed ADB in the computer, you can try to find your device with “adb devices”. Remember activate the debug mode in the phone.


Now as you are ready to Download the actual Flashing File for Alcatel OneTouch Fire, we won’t hold you back. Click here to download the files from Mega.

Windows users

Unzip the downloaded file and just execute the windows.bat file.

Linux and Mac users

1.- Unzip the downloaded file.

2.- Open your terminal and navigate to the unzipped folder where are all the files.

3.- Depending your OS, execute the corresponding file (./ or ./


Recommended do a Swap Partition:

We recommend to do a Swap Partition on your SD Card
The SD Card must be at least between class 8 and 10.
The Swap Partition must be of 512mb.
Thanks to our friend Mac K. from Poland, he brought to us the boot.img with the Swap Partition enabled :D

Version 2.5 (Master – 27/08/2015)

Commit 2015-08-27 02:26:04

We recommend this tutorial to activate the “Developer Mode” to use the Spark tools.
Activate “Developer Mode” using WebIDE.

We will keep you updated once the developer will update his page. So please bookmark this page for future reference. If you have any questions regarding this tutorials, kindly click here to visit our forum where the original developer of MexMod will try to resolve your issue.

You can BUY Alcatel OneTouch Fire from us – Alcatel-one-Touch-Pixi-3-Buy-nowFollow us on @FirefoxOSGuide and @AskFirefoxOS to know more about Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

Sources: 1 - 2 - 3

Unannounced Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 Specs revealed with Firefox OS


After the success with OneTouch Pixi series with Firefox OS and re-branded Orange Klif in Africa, Alcatel is all set to launch yet another variant of OneTouch Pixi 3.5 with few changes. We got some leaked images of the new Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 from our sources. The device is not yet officially announced, but we are expecting the announcement soon.

According to the specs the device is almost identical with Pixi 3 (3.5) with Firefox OS and Orange Klif which is available in various parts of Africa. The document suggests that it runs on latest Firefox version 2.0. It has similar internal memory and RAM (512MB/256MB) with 1150/1300mAh of battery (depending on models 4023D/X/A and 4022X).

Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2

Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2

The changes we have noticed from two other variants of Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 is the VGA front camera along with 2MP FF rear back camera. It also has 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP. The screen size of the device is similar to Pixi and Klif with 3.5″ with HVGA resolution. Rest of the specs you can read from the images below.

Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 with Firefox OS

Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 with Firefox OS

We aren’t sure on which market it will be available and from when, so stick with us for more updates and if you are interested in buying Alcatel OneTouch Fire 2 let us know on our forum and we will let you know as soon as it will be available in unlocked version.

Join us on @FirefoxOSGuide to get the latest news and reviews. To win a Firefox OS Smartphone for free join our forum and spread about our ongoing giveaway on social media.

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