Nokia may bring Z Launcher to Firefox OS


If everything goes well Nokia may bring it’s popular Z Launcher to Firefox OS in near future. In reply to a user Feedback, Z Launcher Product Manager, John Kneeland has confirmed That  they are looking into Firefox OS Support. As most of you know Nokia’s HERE Maps is already available for Firefox OS, this may add another feather to the Open Source Mobile OS.



The news came to the world when John addresses a user on Nokia’s Z Launcher forum about the future of Asha range of Smart-feature phones.

Consider a Firefox OS port.
A large segment of Nokia’s customers in the developing world used Asha phones, which were mostly priced in the sub US$70 price segment.

As the Asha Platform has been shelved, the natural progression for these users is to Firefox OS, which offers a comparable experience in this price range. (Android phones in this price are often too slow for use or offer a horribly outdated version of the OS).

Nokia can continue to connect with their customers on this platform using Z Launcher in the same way that they have done with HERE Maps on the Firefox OS phones.


Firefox OS App Review: GBoy Emulator



Price: Free
Developer: Robert Bierkamp
Rating: 2.5/5

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this in the Marketplace. A Game Boy Color emulator? Seriously?! I know that the Internet Archive is working on those Atari emulators in Javascript, but they still don’t work very smoothly even on my computer. So how well would this work?

App Review: A comparison of drawing apps


There are many drawing apps for Firefox OS these days, with more being added all the time. So the question is: which app is the best? We put a bunch to the test, and while none of them are perfect, some are much better than others.

Firefox OS Smartphone Giveaway! Pick the device of your choice


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Firefox OS Smartphone Giveaway!

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Firefox OS App Review: Khan Academy



Price: Free
Developer: Brian R. Bondy
Rating: 4/5

A few days ago, the famous Khan Academy released their Firefox OS app to the Marketplace. Khan Academy is a website with thousands of videos on basically every topic imaginable, all free to watch, and with exercises to help you learn. So how does the app fare?

KDDI is hosting an event on 23rd December to unveil au Firefox OS in Japan


This week is pretty interesting for Firefox OS lovers, especially if you are from Japan. Along with KDDI, LG is soon going to launch a new Firefox OS device soon in Japan. Though we don’t know the official name of the device, we surely know the code name of it – LG L25. Earlier this week, we came to know about how it looks, later about it’s tech specs, Now KDDI officially hosting an event on 23rd of this month regarding ‘au Firefox OS’.


Earlier today KDDI official website listed an invitation on 23rd December at 16:20 We also came to know that KDDI’s Takashi Tanaka will attend the event. Andreas Gal, CTO of Mozilla also scheduled to attend as a guest. Presentations and new products related to Firefox OS, competitions such as Hackathon are also part of the event.

Stay with us for more information related to the event and LG’s upcoming Firefox OS Smartphone.

Cool new features of Firefox OS 2.2 – A sneak Peek


Last week one of our very good friends Joao installed the latest version of Firefox OS 2.2, and poke us about the new cool features of Firefox OS 2.2. So we though to give all of you a little sneak peek about what to expect in coming days!

It’s amazing how this operating system is growing and how it changed in less than two years, check the new features in the images bellow.

Firefox OS Notification

Option to open notifications directly from the unlock screen and swipe left to dismiss a notification.

Firefox OS copy/paste

Search is available directly from the applications and there is a new option to copy/paste.

Swipe left

Swipe left to change application.

Firefox OS groups

Collapse groups in the main screen.

Firefox OS browser

New browser interface with tabs.

If we are not wrong we will see these changes soon! Possibly along with LG L25 – the newest Firefox OS Smartphone by LG along with telecom partner KDDI.

via – Hands on Tek

LG L25 Specs leaked – comes with Snapdragon 400, 1.5GB RAM and 4G LTE


Last night we were discussing about the leaked images of LG L25 – LG’s second ever Firefox OS device and speculating about the specs. Earlier today @upleaks has done the hardest part as they revealed a full specs sheet of the LG L25. If the table is true then undoubtedly this will be the best Firefox OS Smartphone till date.


The phone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset with a quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU and 1.5GB of RAM, while internal storage is 16GB. There is no mention of external storage, but we assume it will have at least 32GB option via MicroSD card.

The phone is built around a 4.68″ display of 720p resolution adding up to a pixel density of 313ppi. It’s not the thinnest at 139 x 70 x 10.5mm and weighs 148 grams.

At the back, there’s an 8MP camera camera with a 2.1MP snapper at the front. The LG L25 comes with 4G LTE connectivity along with the common features such as  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.

There is no news of pricing, but we can assure LG will reveal the pricing soon as they and KDDI are planning to push the phone to market later this month.

20 best wallpapers specially optimized for Firefox OS Smartphones


Till date millions of Firefox OS devices were sold worldwide, thousands of new users opted for Smartphones by dumping their old feature phones. We guiding all the Firefox OS lovers since the beginning! Since the late 2013 when Firefox OS devices started penetrating to LatAm countries and Eastern European region, we started getting emails about great Wallpapers for Firefox OS Smartphones such as ZTE Open and Alcatel OneTouch Fire C. As we were busy in doing other things, we were unable to give you what you all asked for…until now!


Also Read: Buy Alcatel OneTouch Fire E or Fire C with FirefoxOSGuide assurance

Below we are giving you 20 best wallpapers specially optimized for Firefox OS Smartphones which as currently available.


Picture 1 of 20

You can download any image by right click and selecting ‘Save Image as…’ option. or to download all 20 images simply click the below download button. Resolution of the above images are 320X480.

 DOWNLOAD (size 778kb)

Stay with us for more such cool wallpapers for your Firefox OS Smartphones.

Images Credit

LG L25 confirmed as Firefox OS Device – all set for December launch by KDDI


Last  month (on November 19th) we informed you all about a new KDDI exclusive Firefox OS Device made by LG Electronics, earlier today popular tipster @upleaks re-confirmed our leaked news through a series of leaked images. LG L25 is LG’s coming Firefox OS device with 4G LTE support for Japanese carrier KDDI. Last month it passes through the FCC and if we are not wrong both KDDI and LG are planning to launch the device before the holiday season starts. This is LG’s second ever Firefox OS device after their LG Fireweb launch in Brasil last December.


LG L25

According to the FCC documents we came to know about few specs details of the device – The device is LTE enabled along with NFC and Wi-Fi. Also we know the outer dimension of the device – 138.0 mm x 70.0 mm – so it looks like a 5 inch Firefox OS device. We are also expecting IPL LCD for this device to give better viewing angle.


We also came to know the battery model – BL-59UH along with the battery capacity of the device – 2370mAh. From today’s leaked images we also came to know that this device will have a large circular camera along with the FLASH placed just below of the camera. Its also has front camera along with Proximity Sensors.


We will let you know as soon as we come to know any more details about the device LG L25.

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