How to setup Lock screen on Firefox OS Devices – Step by step guide


It’s almost two years since we have Firefox OS devices available for masses and here in India it’s almost 5 months since Intex Technologies introduced Intex Cloud Fx. Since its launch Firefox OS gain popularity due to its low cost and better performance than similar range Android devices. Many users upgrade themselves from feature phones or low cost Android Smartphones. We are receiving tons of mails regarding basic functions of Firefox OS User Interface (UI), so here we go. Today we are going to discuss about the most important function of a Smartphone – Setting up the lock screen with passcode.

Currently I have Geeksphone Keon and Intex Cloud FX and on both of them we can set the Passcode. Here are the steps:

Steps to set up Passcode on any Firefox OS Devices:

  1. Tap on the gear icon present on home screen and open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Privacy & Security option and tap on Screen Lock facility by scrolling down the list.
  3. You should now tap on the option of Passcode Lock.
  4. You will now have to type your 4-digit passcode in both the empty fields and tap on Create to set up the new passcode for Firefox OS phone.
  5. This beautiful OS also offers you the option to set up the time period after which you want the phone to ask for this passcode just after lock key is pressed. In fact, it will ask for the passcode immediately after pressing the lock key which will require you to enter your passcode every time you unlock it.

Firefox OS Lockscreen

Method to Change Passcode on any Firefox OS Devices:

In order to change the current passcode, simply tap on Change passcode and enter the current passcode along with new passcode in the empty fields.

Method to Remove Passcode on any Firefox OS Devices:

If you are not interested in getting passcode every time you unlock the phone, simply slide the knob in front of Passcode Lock to Off section which will remove this option. But to turn off the passcode, you need to enter the existing passcode.

By setting up the Passcode for your phone running on Firefox OS, you will be able to protect your handset from unauthorized access.

Compatibility : It’s available with most of the Firefox OS running Smartphones.

Firefox OS App Review: Maze Explorer



Price: Free
Developer: Kyle Harrity
Rating: 3.5/5

Mazes are a popular puzzle all across the world. They’ve been found in basically every culture, and they’re a lot of fun to work out. This app promises to take us on a journey through mazes, but how well does it do?

Personalize your Firefox OS Device with ZEDGE

If you are new with Smartphone and not sure what kind of ringtone to want on your phone, this certainly is your application. In addition you can also say goodbye to the headaches searching for hours the perfect wallpaper, since within the app will find a huge library of such content, all this thanks to Zedge.
Zedge is a discovery platform mobile content and community, where users can download content to personalize their smartphones and other mobile devices. The application is multi-platform, has clients for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and now Firefox OS. IDT Corp. is the majority investor Zedge Holdings, parent company of the application.

The service provides you with a repertoire of ringtones and wallpapers with tremendous ease, then just select the content that you like best, we give you options to download and then from the downloads section can apply it in a fairly straightforward manner. Also, the application is translated into Spanish, so Spanish-speaking people should not have even the slightest of problems.

The appearance of the application is quite successful. It has a flat design and a sidebar on the left side where we can see the different sections of the app. Another highlight is that navigation becomes very fast for the few resources the application demands.

Now before you jump from your seat to grab your Firefox OS device to download it (unless you aren’t already on Firefox OS device), there is a BAD NEWS, it’s not available in all the regions (for example: India). So if it’s says:

The app requested is not available for your region.

You may wish to contact the developer if you would like to see a version of this app for your region.

You have to wait! So hold your breath and click on DOWNLOAD button to see whether it’s available in your region or not. If it’s available, give us your valuable opinion about the App.

via Mundofirefoxos (Spanish)

Firefox OS App Review: Easy Text to Speech



Price: Free
Developer: Prasad Seth
Rating: 4.5/5

Have you ever had something written down on your phone, and you’re trying to tell your blind friend, but you can’t be bothered speaking? (Yes, I realise what a stupid situation this is.) Well, now there’s an app you can use. Easy Text to Speech promises to take anything you write down (in over 40 languages!) and convert it into speech. But how well does it work?

Yezz Mobile announced Foxy 3.5 and Foxy 4 at CES 2015


At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Yezz Mobile introduces their first two Smartphones powered by Mozilla’s Firefox OS. The Foxy 3.5 and Foxy 4 are two entry-level smartphone announced in Las Vegas during the event. Both devices come with very similar features, namely a clocked at 1.0 GHz CPU, ARM Mali-400 GPU, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory, dual SIM capability, support for GPS and Bluetooth 2. The screens of both devices have HVGA (320 × 480 pixels).

Yezz Mobile Foxy 3.5 is as the name suggests – 3.5 inches, while Yezz Mobile Foxy 4 are 4.0 inches. The camera of the Foxy 4 has a flash along with 1.2 megapixel main camera and VGA front camera, which Foxy 3.5 doesn’t have the Flash.





Do let us know whether you are interested in buying on of those or not.

Firefox OS App Review: Ortho



Price: Free
Developer: Nadim Tuhin
Rating: 3/5

Let’s say your first language is not English, but you’re fairly decent at it. You’re going along, reading a bunch of stuff, when suddenly you come across a word you don’t know. How do you look it up, and also how do you remember what it means? Ortho – the App we are about to review claims to solve both of those problems, but how well does it really? Oh by the way the meaning of Ortho (Bengali) is Meaning.

Firefox OS App Review: Circle Tetris



Price: Free
Developer: Guilherme Herzog & Eduardo Costa
Rating: 2/5

I was searching for a good version of Tetris today on the Marketplace (don’t bother, none of them are much fun), and I came across this interesting twist of the classic concept. Instead of forming rows, you form rings, and the pieces all fit onto a circle. The question is, is it worth it?

Firefox OS App Review: Currency



Price: Free
Developer: Inc
Rating: 2.5/5

Travellers will like this app. You’re going around the world, seeing all the wonderful sights, getting some culture into your blood, but then you see something that you’d like to buy, but you don’t know how much money it is in your local currency. Can this app help you?

It’s a little under a megabyte, and when it opens it offers to start a tour of the app, which is quite nice. You have five basic currencies to start with: Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and Australian Dollars, which should keep you going for a lot of places you might want to go to. Tapping on any of these brings it up to the top, where it becomes the default currency.


The field to insert a number is surprisingly complex and not very native looking, with what is essentially a full calculator built in to the app. It works, but it makes me wonder why they did this as opposed to just a nice native looking number pad.


Once you type the number in, it converts almost instantly, and there’s even an offline mode where it will convert using the last known rates, which is pretty cool.

If the five default currencies aren’t the ones you want, you can choose almost any currency in the world to convert to and from. You can have up to 10 currencies active at any one time, but it’s pretty easy to remove and add others as you see fit. It helps that the list you can choose from is basically endless.


I wouldn’t normally go over this, but there’s a few options in the settings that are rather interesting. For example, you can shake your phone or tablet, and it will reset the default currency to 1.00. However, this is rather confusing, as there are four options – off, low, medium, and high – and I cannot work out what the latter three mean. Does it mean how sensitive it is, or how hard you have to shake it? I really have no clue. It seems completely arbitrary anyway.

Also, there’s an option for “log location”. You can either choose yes, or no. What does it do? I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. I assume it logs wherever you are, but I’m not much of an international traveller so I couldn’t check this out. Not sure what it would do, anyway.


Another problem with this app is that it’s not optimised very well at all. It’s not smooth, it freezes a bit when adding new currencies, and it’s generally not a great experience. It’s functional enough, but it could be made better.

Conclusion: The currency app isn’t bad. It works pretty well, the currencies are converted accurately, and it does it fast. It updates itself automatically as well. However, there are a few little things that could be sorted out, like a native mode, shake to reset, and general optimisations here and there. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is a little irritating.

Get it? Maybe

Firefox OS App Review: Reminders



Price: Free
Developer: Kestutis Stalmokas
Rating: 4/5

I’m writing these words after having not slept for 32 hours, apologies if it seems lower quality or rushed, I just want to get this done.

We all need reminding in our lives, but for some reason Firefox OS doesn’t come with a built-in reminders app. There’s a calendar app, but that’s for very serious stuff and not really good for quick, on the go reminders. Thankfully, we have been saved with a very simple app that promises to remind us of things right when they are about to happen. But how well does it actually work in practice?

Firefox OS App Review: SpeedRead



Price: Free
Developer: Alexander Schönberg
Rating: 3.5/5

Speedreading seems to be all the rage these days; as our lives get busier and busier, we just don’t have much time for proper reading any more. Well, now there’s a Firefox OS app to help us out with this very problem. But how well does it work?

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