Firefox OS App Review: Binary Game


I’ve noticed somewhat of a strange trend in video games. They started out really quite simple, as technology wasn’t powerful enough to allow for complex games. Then, as technology improved, the games improved, and had huge, intricate story-lines and graphics galore. Now technology is better than it ever has been, but for some reason, we seem to be regressing, and going back to simpler games. Binary Game is a perfect example of this trend. How so?

Price: Free
Developer: Escolha Tecnologia
Rating: 4.5/5


Firefox OS App Review: FoxShop



Price: Free
Developer: Theo Chelavier
Rating: 5/5

Today we will present you another great shopping app that comes with many features, as multiple shopping lists, price calculation, multiple languages and more. Design of app itself is simple and it content is readable. App is also very fast, we didn’t notice any bugging or slowness while adding lists, changing them or something else.

Let’s begin with the main page, that is empty after first start (our is not of course, we add items for this presetantion purposes). As you can see on the first picture, there are buttons for basic functions such as one for adding new lists, options and delete button. First you add name to your list, then you open it so you could add items that you need to buy.

market list

As you can see in the picture above, by adding new items with price, the app will automatically calculate the price of the list, you can also change the currency in the option menu. The another cool feature is ability to change the type/category of the items (Drinks, Fruits, Fishery, Other, etc).

plus menu

When you type the name of the new item, by pressing + button, it will open the new menu for changing the quantity of the item, you can also put picture, note or even change the value of item (pieces, kg, gallon, etc.). All lists are editable so don’t worry if you forgot something to add or if you spelled it wrong.

There are other excelent features of the app like: Keep screen on option, Enable/Disable prices, Edit currency, Sharing lists via email or messages and it comes in 10 diffirent languages (English, French, Italian, Serbian (latin and cyrillic), German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Català and Bulgarian).

Conclusion: FoxShop is by far one of the best shopping apps on the Marketplace. It’s easy for use well designed and runs fast, so if you looking for some simple and yet excelent shopping app with many features, multiple languages and automatic calculation, FoxShop is app for you.

Firefox OS App Review: Fox Note


main menu

Price: Free
Developer: AppFlakes
Rating: 4/5

When it comes to a Note, To do and Reminder apps for Firefox OS, there’s a quite large number of them on Firefox Marketplace, but what makes Fox Note different from them? Colorful and attractive design  plus three important options combined into one app.

Classic flat and colorful design, with even more impressive icons, Fox Note is divided into three sections: Reminder, Note and To Do section.


Reminder is easy to use. By pressing plus button in upper right corner, menu where you can add details about the event you want to record, will pop up. You can add name, date and time of it (no description of it, we’ll get back on this later), just basic stuff.


Creating notes in the Note section is the same as reminders in Reminder section, pressing plus button in the upper right corner of the screen. It will open new window screen where you can enter Title of the note, and of course description of it. There are also three more things that make this app special: attaching video, picture or audio file for the note. These options can be very usefull in some situations, for example you can take a picture of some gift you want to buy with other friends to another, simple take a picture with short description of it and show it to them.


And finaly, the To Do section. By pressing plus button, on the bottom of the screen will show up input bar where you can type whatever you want and add it to your to do list. It works that simple. Also when you finish something from the list, simple press the checkmark icon and the task will be deleted.

So far we only wrote about the good sides of application, but let’s focus little on the bad ones (even there is only two of them).
First things that comes bothering me is the speed of the app. Sometimes it works fast, but sometimes there’s a delay of one second after pressing buttons, app also flash for that one second, but mostly of the time, app working fine.

Second one, if we may call it the bad side, is that there’s no option to edit events, notes, nor tasks (nor descriptions of reminders), but as it is written in the description of the app: “This app has been created for your daily use”, and it is realy designed for that,  so is this good or a bad thing, we leave it to you to decide, in the end it’s based on your own needs.

Conclusion: Well designed, work great, have everything you need for taking notes and setting reminders, easy to use. Ignoring the minor problems around speed and editing notes, yes, this is definitely app that every Firefox OS user should own.

Firefox OS App Review: BuyBananas


Shopping. It’s an integral part of modern society these days. We give people money, and in exchange, they give us things that we can live off. However, most shopping lists are still done on pen and paper, and even with smartphones, most people just make a simple list. BuyBananas (technically a beta) claims to help make the experience better, so how well does it do?

Price: Free
Developer: Tim Veitengruber
Rating: 4/5


Firefox OS App Review: Number Lock


I don’t know if you’ve ever played the game “Mastermind”, or a similar version, or whatever it’s called in your country. Basically, it’s a game where using reason alone, you have to deduce a colour code that the other person has set. It’s a lot of fun, and there’s quite a few adaptations, some more accurate than others. Number Lock is kind of similar, but not really, so what are the differences?


Price: Free
Developer: BlackArc
Rating: 3/5

Firefox OS App Review: Game about Squares


Price: Free
Developer: Andrey Shevchuk
Rating: 4.5/5


I do like a good puzzle, but a lot of games these days don’t tend to have any puzzles at all in them. They’re usually just mindless tapping frenzies. Thankfully, there are still people who want to make a good puzzle game, and Game about Squares is an attempt at that. So how well did it go?

How to hard reset Alcatel OneTouch Fire – Step by step Guide


In 2013 Mozilla along with their two Smartphone manufacturing partners Alcatel and ZTE launched two devices powered by Firefox OS. Alcatel OneTouch Fire is one of them. Thousands of users-in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Montenegro, Peru, Poland, Serbia and Venezuela are currently using this device as telecom carriers like Congstar, Cosmote, Movistar, T-Mobile, Telcel, Telenor, TIM and Vivo have launched the device. One common question we are receiving from our readers for quite a some time is how to reset the device? has a simple step by step tutorial regarding this. So let’s have a look how to hard reset the device.

Method #1:

  1. Power off your phone.
    Reset ALCATEL OT-4012A One Touch Fire
  2. Now press and hold Volume Up + Home button + Power button until you see the reset screen.
    Reset ALCATEL OT-4012A One Touch Fire
  3. Then press Volume Up to continue resetting device.
    Reset ALCATEL OT-4012A One Touch Fire

Method #2:

  1. Turn off your cell phone.
    Reset ALCATEL OT-4012A One Touch Fire
  2. Next hold and press Volume Up + Power button together.
    Reset ALCATEL OT-4012A One Touch Fire
  3. Release only Power button, when you see Alcatel One Touch screen.
  4. Then you will see menu of Recovery mode.
  5. Release holded buttons.
  6. Now navigate to option “wipe data/factory reset” using Volume buttons to scroll options, and Power button to confirm.
  7. Afterwards select “Yes — delete all user data” and confirm with Power button.
  8. After previous operation browse to “reboot system now”.
  9. Done!

Method #3:

  1. Make sure, that your device is on.
  2. Then open the Settings app GEAR icon in your phone.
  3. Browse to Device section -> Device information -> More information -> Reset phone -> OK.
  4. Confirm your decision and wait until your phone will reset and reboots.
  5. Good job!

Hope this small tutorial will help you to solve the issue. Keep in mind – resetting your device will DELETE all the data on the device, so make sure you backup all the data you want to keep. For any query, feel free to ask me on our Twitter account of Facebook Page.

HTC, Xiaomi may join Firefox OS after SONY’s departure


Mobile World Congress 2015 is over and we have plenty of upcoming devices with Firefox OS this year such as ZTE’s first 4G LTE ZTE Open L and Alcatel OneTouch Orange Klif. But since the beginning we (Firefox OS Guide) leaked tons of info about the upcoming/ un-announced devices, few weeks back we were one of the first English blog related to Firefox OS who revealed the news that Xiaomi is going to launch a device powered by Firefox OS. We just came to know that The Taiwanese Smartphone manufacturer HTC may join the list too in 2015.

After SONY drops their plan to launch a Firefox OS device, the only major Smartphone manufacturer left is LG, if Xiaomi and HTC joins Mozilla, that would be a great news for all. As we all know Xiaomi is popular for their budget Smartphones in Android, so if they are planning to launch a Firefox OS device we can expect a mid-range specs with ultr-low budget price. For the time being Mozilla is focusing on low budget price segment and Xiaomi is undoubtedly the king in that segment with their Redmi 1S with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Also we came to know that Xiaomi is already started working on MiOS – the customizable UI for Firefox OS. For those who doesn’t know MIUI is the name of the UI, Xiomi uses for its Android devices.



Our source also revealed, HTC, the Taiwanese company is exploring the opportunity to work with Mozilla for their future budget devices. Currently they are testing Firefox OS on many of their existing Smartphones. In 2013 we have stated as much as 10 reasons why HTC should pick Firefox OS as an alternative to Android. Since mid-2014 HTC is gaining sub-30k market with their HTC 816, HTC 820 and their respective variants and it’s time to capture the low cost budget segment too. So don’t be surprise if tomorrow Mozilla announced HTC as their new hardware partner.

Do you have a HTC Explorer? Try this simple tutorial and port Firefox OS on it.

Stick with us on Facebook and Twitter for more juicy news related to Mozilla Firefox OS.

Firefox OS App Review: Top 3 Mapping Apps


As we all know behind any Mobile OS success, Applications (Apps) are playing a huge role. When we purchase a particular Mobile OS Smartphone (such as Android, Windows Phone or Firefox OS) what we want is easy to use Interface (UI) and availability of our desired Apps. Maps is one such thing which we all use every now and then. But Firefox OS marketplace is already flooded with bunch of Map Apps. Which one is actually better or suitable for you?As a reader of Firefox OS Guide, let us do the harsdwork. So I’ve gone through a whole bunch of maps, on the marketplace and off, and I’ve boiled them all down to three. Which map is the best? Let’s find out the Top 3 Mapping Apps available on Firefox OS Marketplace.

Firefox OS App Review: Top 3 Mapping Apps

Number Three: HERE Maps


Price: Free
Developer: Nokia

In-between making mobile phones, Nokia also develops a mapping system. HERE Maps seems to be more business-oriented than consumer, but it has a presence in the consumer market anyway, and it’s also pre-installed on the ZTE Open C. Possibly a few others as well. I didn’t check.

HERE Maps seems to have pretty good coverage of the places that I checked, and panning around and zooming works just like any other map. The satellite coverage is also quite good, as you can zoom in quite far without losing detail.


It must be said, however, the user interface is pretty bad. It looks fine, until you want to get directions, arguably one of the most important things for a mapping app to do. So you tap the three by three grid in the top right, and then tap on directions. Already a bit far just to find directions, but whatever.

Then you have to type them in. This is a real pain. The text fields work fine, but the suggestions for what you want just do not work well at all. Sometimes they don’t come up at all, other times they put the exact match for what you typed surprisingly low.


Once you’ve finally got the directions all figured out, for some reason it defaults to walking, which seems sensible for some areas, but not others. Also it defaults to the imperial system (feet and miles) no matter where you’re from, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change that. It’s very frustrating, and is the main reason why this app was third.


Link: HERE Maps on the Firefox Marketplace

Number Two: OpenStreetMap


Price: Free
Developer: OpenStreetMap

The open source map comes in at number two. OpenStreetMap has a lot of the same features as HERE Maps, except without a satellite view, as they haven’t been able to get a freely available source yet.

The user interface on this is a lot better than on HERE Maps. Zooming in and out works as you’d expect, as does panning.


OpenStreetMap tends to have great coverage of basically everywhere on the planet, which is nice. The only problem is that houses tend to be hard to find, but I’ve edited OSM before, and I can see why there aren’t that many. It’s so tedious to do.

Of course, this makes for a bit of an issue. It has directions now, which is nice – it didn’t used to have any sort of directions capability before – but without street numbers, it tends to be a lot harder to do. If you just type the street name, you’re generally fine, but the number can send you halfway across the planet if you’re not careful.


I do love OpenStreetMap, it’s a personal favourite of mine, but until it has better house coverage, I can’t recommend it as the best for most people.

Link: OpenStreetMap

Number One: Google Maps


Price: Free
Developer: Google

I bet this came as a surprise. Google Maps is easily the most popular mapping tool in the world now, and it’s not hard to see why. The flaws that the other two apps have are fixed in this. All coverage is great, including houses, and the directions are great as well.


Of course, if you don’t particularly like Google, then you wouldn’t want to go with this one, but that should be obvious. There’s a reason why Google Maps is so popular, and it’s because it has great coverage, a great user interface, great features, and it’s very stable. For most people, this is what you’ll want.

Link: Google Maps

Conclusion: Not really a point in writing this, I just thought I’d say thanks for reading so far. I know that I’ve been late a few times recently, but I do my best to keep up, honest. Admittedly there aren’t any apps that would be good to review, but there’s nothing I can do about that but wait. See you next week.

Firefox OS App Review: Secret Notes


My credit card has finally been unblocked, so I can now review this app at last, the first paid app review on this site. We all have secrets we want to keep, but sometimes we need to write them down somewhere for some reason. Secret Notes is an app that claims to encrypt any note that you write down in it, so how well does it run?


Price: $1.99
Developer: Dimitri Danel
Rating: 3/5

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