Samsung seeking help from Mozilla to salvage Tizen OS


It looks like Samsung is trying to capitalize the popularity of Mozilla led Firefox OS by asking them to join hands & give a fight to Apple’s iOS & Google’s Android. Samsung had attended the ‘Conference for establishing HTML5 Fusion Technique forum’ which was held at Seoul COEX on the 26th November. Chief Secretary of Samsung Electronics, Wonsuk Lee gave speech about how their process of developing Tizen platform is going and stressed that Tizen must cooperate and create a helping relationship with Firefox OS community.

Samsung seeking help from Mozilla to salvage Tizen OS

Since the launch way back in June, Firefox OS has gained huge popularity both from the end users as well as hardware manufacturers, developers and vendors. Whereas Samsung & Intel’s joint-collaboration Tizen OS has yet to confirmed its launch date. Though we have spotted few leaks of Tizen OS on possible Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung is planning to use the Tizen OS in a wide range of their own products, Tablet PCs, Smart TVs, and other Home Appliances. According to the chief secretary, both Tizen and Firefox OS platform developers used HTML5 based apps in common. That is why they can support each other to grow in the OS ecosystem. Likewise, once an app based on HTML5 is developed, it can be used both in Tizen and Firefox OS.

Currently Samsung rely heavily on Android to generate revenue, while we are hearing for last few months that Google itself is not very much happy about Samsung’s dominance with their OS. If Mozilla agrees, they will use the Tizen OS (HTML5 Apps developed by both Tizen OS & Firefox OS)  in their low and mid range Smartphones to capture emerging markets.

FirefoxOSGuide’s Take on this…

Personally I don’t like the proposal, I mean come’on we know how Samsung works, they have their own OS – which practically has not that much promising future. Android, iOS are dominating the mobile OS market, where as BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8 are trying to hold their position. With the help of their thousands and thousand of community developers in no time Firefox OS has become of the most talked about Mobile OS. If Mozilla agrees, Samsung will defiantly capitalize the resources (Apps from the Marketplace and other HTML5 related things) from them and make their foothold strong in the emerging markets where slowly Firefox OS is getting popularity.

Samsung has captured the lion share of Android market share due to their huge marketing budget as well as strong distribution channel, but still lacks in emerging markets. By joining hands with Firefox OS, Tizen OS not only gets a ready App Market Store but if Tizen OS doesn’t work in the future they will have an option to adopt Firefox OS for their devices as well.


From the point of view of Mozilla, this could be an opportunity to allow more developers (Tizen OS developers) to work and build HTML5 apps. From Samsung’s point of view they can capitalize the popularity and get an ready-made App Marketplace for Tizen OS. Even get a FREE PASS to enter to emerging markets with Firefox OS.

Do let us know what do you think of this proposal of Samsung.

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  1. Andy says:

    I think they should join efforts. Samsung provides big money and support for native apps, Firefox OS brings the power of HTML. Consolidation is needed, bigger can more.

    Please hide that “you may also like” banner when browsing from Firefox OS!

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